There is no Verona Textile Festival without our international contest and we are ready to receive your precious works.

Praise be to You, my Lord. From Francis to Francis is the theme that will accompany the 2019 edition of the competition organized by the Associazione Ad Maiora and open to all those who wish to express their creativity through textile art.

The works, that will be selected by a jury of experts, will be collected in a exhibition within the Festival and exhibited in one of the main venues of the historic center of Verona.

The deadline for registration is February the 15th, 2019 and the admitted works must be delivered by April the 10th, 2019 .

For all useful information and details, access the contest notice on the web page.

From the love for creation of St. Francis of Assisi to the commitment to neighbor of Pope Bergoglio, let us know your interpretation of beauty!