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Verona, six girlfriends divided between work and family but united by a great passion: needle and thread. That’s the way that fifteen years ago and as a game the AD MAIORA association came to life with the purpose of reviving antique creative techniques that in the past belonged to the feminine world.

From embroidery to knitting, stencil and decoupage, the association has evolved over the years, exploring new fields and redefining elements from tradition in a contermporary way, until its recent approach to patchwork.

This technique, born in Europe and exported in America by the first pioneers, is used to create quilts, which are characteristic bed spreads made up of numberless cuttings of fabric sewn together into a larger design in order to recreate traditional motives.

Soon after, the great step towards textile art, where manual technique transforms into creativity, and the quilt evolves into a board which becomes a true work of art. However, AD MAIORA is first of all a way to be together and share interests, experiences and friendship in a network of solidarity and reciprocal exchange.

Because there’s always someone who has something to teach and there’s always someone to whom our work can be addressed.

Ad Maiora