Contest 2023


International Collective Exhibition of Textile Art


(forgotten by the world of art revived in the fabric)

Organized by Associazione Ad Maiora Verona

They were talented, tenacious and determined. They struggled to affirm their artistic vocation and find a place in a predominantly male world. In a word they were fearless! We are talking about women artists who also in the past have given us works of great value, a literary and artistic heritage to rediscover and promote. Invisible and excluded for centuries  from the world of art, today we can revive them in fabrics. The unmissable occasion is the textile exhibition “Fearless, female artists in history”, which will be held in the magnificent setting of Palazzo della Gran Guardia, as a part of the Verona Tessile 2023 festival.

We invite interpreters of national and international textile art to participate and give new life to words, paintings, sculptures or photographs of women artists, or to reinterpret their sensitivity in textile artifacts that represent them.


All the techniques of textile art are allowed. Works with frameworks or rigid elements that prevent them from being wrapped or folded for redelivery will not be taken into consideration.


Individual or multi-hand works of art will be accepted ( one work per each participant ).


The dimensions of the work can be 80 cm (width) x 120 cm (height) or 100 cm x 100 cm. A tolerance of 5% more or less is allowed. All works must have a sleeve of fabric for hanging, which must be 10cm in height and sewn on the back at the top end, running the width of the back.

A fabric label with the indication of the name, address of the author and the title of the artefact must be placed in the lower right corner, on the back of the work.


To participate, all the required documentation must be sent exclusively by e-mail to

Deadline for applications: 31/12/2022.
All applications received after this deadline or incomplete will not be taken into account. The date of the email will be proof of certain date of sending.

Deadline for submission of works: 28/02/2023.

List of documents required:


Photos must be of good quality and well lit, on a neutral background.


By sending the digital images, the participants authorise their publication in any format or its use, distribution or inclusion in other contexts  for promotional and other purposes, as well as their release on the Internet. All rights remain the sole property of the artists. It is the right of the Association to make any changes to the images in relation to particular and exceptional technical contingencies that may arise.


All works will be insured from their arrival at the headquarters of the Association Ad maiora and until the time they will be sent back. No insurance is included during shipping. Participants will have to cover the roundtrip  shipping costs and the relative insurance. Participants will assume responsibility for any damage or loss of the works during the shipment. The packaging supplied by the participants must protect the work from the risk of damage during transport , by post or by courier.
Organizers will not be liable for damages caused by defective packaging.

Associazione Ad Maiora, however, guarantees the utmost care in the preservation of the works entrusted to it.

Artworks can be picked up at the end of the closing ceremony or will be sent back after the end of the festival.

In the event that the works are required to be exhibited at other events, the organization will contact artists for agreements.

For those sending works from abroad, it is necessary to indicate in the shipping documents “textile samples”.


The exhibition will be promoted through a communication campaign both on paper (flyers, guides, banners, posters, etc.) and online (social networks, blogs and industry sites, official website, partner websites, etc.) and through press releases.

Organizer: Associazione Ad Maiora

Via Monte Novegno n.10

37126 Verona

Text / Whattsapp  to (mobile) :  0039-338/5086789