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A 20 YEAR JOURNEY  –  Ad Maiora Cultural Association

Ad Maiora one of the longest running associations in Verona was founded in the early 90s with the purpose of saving all those manual arts that in the past were a heritage of the female world.
Through the recovery and spreading of antique arts, educational courses, study and research groups, seminars and conferences, the Association aims at the revival and development of female artisan traditions, as a means of creating union and promotion of the family environment and  it supports the creation of family-led microenterprises.
Founder and organiser of  the International Festival Verona Tessile, the Association counts a hundred members who have created a network of relationships, connections and friendships by working together. Ad Maiora ladies meet to work, each one with  her own project – an embroidery, a patchwork, an idea  – and discusses it with the others.
Advice, debates and discussions on fabrics, abilities and alternatives are part of the life together.
Every woman has got a special skill – from sewing to embroidery, from cooking to photography, from graphic design to gardening; each one has got something to share.
In this way they all improve and build a very special network: the starting point is always a real  project, but they also help each other by sharing their happy moments and worries.
The Association has always offered its support to those in need. We can mention a few examples of past initiatives, such as the support given to Caritas Georgia through a laboratory project on artisan felt or raising funds for Indian women and Afghan widows.
Extraordinary was “La coperta di Giulietta”, in collaboration with Verona Town Council, to raise funds for the Petra Centre for women victims of violence.
The huge masterpiece engaged thousands of women in the creation of small blankets that covered   Piazza Bra on March 8th 2017.

Because there’s always someone who has something to teach and there’s always someone to whom our work can be addressed.

Ad Maiora