Bernina Italia will introduce Long Arm Q24, the long arm quilting machine, for the second time in Italy. On this occasion, it will be possible not only to try it, but also to get a glimpse of all its potentialities. Aggy Burczyk, European spokesperson for the Long Arm machine, will explain us all the secrets to a perfect quilting.
You’ll be able to try this extraordinary machinery which allows an effortless, freehand quilting thanks to the built-in BERNINA (BSR) Stitch regulator. The BSR BERNINA for Long Arm is easy to activate and simple to customize on the machine’s touch screen. All it takes is setting up the stitch length in order to get different quilting styles.
The BSR BERNINA Long Arm keeps stitch length consistent even at variable stitching speeds. You can choose three stitch regulation modes, included a tacking mode and a wholly manual mode.

Free Workshop: A Textile Postcard

You can also attend a free workshop to help you create a textile postcard. During the event, the operating mode of the FLISELINA FREUDENBERG—world leader in the tailoring and creative sector for textiles—will be explained. All the postcards created by participants will eventually be used to create a textile installation designed by the artistic duo Damss Fiberart.
Bernina has also decided to pay homage to professional fashion, sewing and design schools which will choose to attend the workshop by offering them a Bernette sewing machine.

Special Guests and Surprises

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Special guest Veronica Ferrari and the Mystery Sal who captivates—on Facebook, month after month— more than 1,800 friends who can’t wait to find out the surprise this creative artist has in store for them. And… more surprises are coming!

When: dal 19 al 24 maggio dalle 10.00 alle 19.00
Where: Loggia Vecchia (Piazza dei Signori)

FUBLAB—Textile Labs suited for people ages 3 to 99 years old

This year, Verona Tessile has thought about making room even for younger participants by offering activities specifically tailored to children and teens, as well as to all those who would like to put themselves to the test and try their creative skills.

Through the use of cyanotype, this lab enables to print drawings and shapes on fabric, specifically canvas bags and T-shirts that each participant will eventually keep for him- or herself. During the workshop, we will explore the ancient photographic technique of cyanotype and we will show some examples of how to use it an original way.

Loom “i:gemocht”
The lab introduces a first experience with the craft of weaving. We will show how to use the loom formed by a tube which alternates warp threads. It is a funny and instructive process aimed at showing how to create a textile artifact starting from a simple wool thread.

Color Printing
The lab brings participants closer to the handcraft printing technique that uses wooden movable print types and textiles. Young and old alike will enjoy customizing their own canvas bag working with letters or patterns and creating truly unique pieces to take home with them.
The lab is organized in collaboration with “MEZZOPIENO—Optimistic craft.”

Labs are open to all and only a small contribution is required to cover the cost of materials.

When: May 19 to May 24, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Where: Old Market’s Yard


Registration required

Graham Landscape

A. Graham

Dimensional Landscapes
16–17/05/2015—10 a.m. to 6 p.m
Former Church of San Pietro Martire
Via Garibaldi 3, Verona
Language: English, with Italian translation available

This extraordinary Canadian artist is one-of-a-kind for her skillful combination of traditional techniques and an innovative use of felt. Using unusual materials, Graham manages to bring to life three-dimensional objects markedly multisensorial. With her, we will learn to create landscapes with felted dimensional reliefs. Using a wet felted canvas as the starting layout, we will then add additional elements such as rocks and vegetation using classic felting needles. In order to participate, an extensive experience with sewing, fiber art and textile-processing techniques is not required, but any previous experience will allow for a deeper exploration.

Reservation required. For further info and to reserve a place, click HERE


Keiko Goke

Windmill Bag
19/05/2015—10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Juliet’s Tomb
Via Luigi da Porto, 5 Verona
Language: Japanese, with Italian translation available

She was the first contemporary Japanese quilter to storm the international scene with works which boldly reinterpret traditional quilts. Goke has won numerous competitions and her works are on display at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts. During the lab organized for Verona Tessile, the Japanese artist will explain to participants how to make a bucket bag starting from strips of fabric cut, sewn and reassembled, thus learning a new patchwork technique. In order to participate, knowing how to use the sewing machine and having basic notions of patchwork is required.
Reservation required. For further info and to reserve a place, click HERE

stack cut

Keiko Goke

Stack, Cut & Rearrange
20/05/2015—10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Juliet’s Tomb
Via Luigi da Porto, 5 Verona
Language: Japanese, with Italian translation available

Goke will also host the Stack, Cut & Rearrange Lab, teaching us a new contemporary patchwork technique that will inspire the creation of new textile projects. The workshop will entail realizing a vibrant and original tapestry starting from five different overlapping fabrics through cuts and rearrangements.
Reservation required. For further info and to reserve a place, click HERE



Creative Embellishment
22–23/05/2015—10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Juliet’s Tomb
Via Luigi da Porto, 5 Verona
Language: Italian

The artistic-textile duo, Damss, will host the fourth workshop in this edition of Verona Tessile. For 25 years, Daniela Arnoldi and Marco Sarzi Sartori have been designing and creating together their pieces with the goal of promoting the sustainable reuse of industrial textile scraps. Whether it be large-scale works, installations or contemporary tapestries, great, emotionally compelling pieces spring from their hands. They will host for us an experimental art day where participants will have the opportunity to create a new textile project or better yet to reinvent a previously discarded one. We will discover the potential of embellishment as an elaboration tool by learning techniques which will lead us to an unusual concept of textile art. In this case as well, as with Graham’s workshop, having specific skills related to fiber art and textile-processing techniques is not necessary, but any previous experience will make the workshop more interesting.

Reservation required. For further info and to reserve a place, click HERE


Demonstrations on the world of knitting,
by Falcetto filati and Cuore di Maglia

A special demonstration corner to help us find out all the secrets of knitting—only at Verona Tessile!

When: May 19 to May 24, 10:30 to 12 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Where: Palazzo dei Mutilati, Via dei Mutilati 8